• Handles sold separately unless noted otherwise.
  • Light-Duty Broom Head features soft PVC feather tip bristles to sweep fine dust.
  • Medium-Duty Broom Head is constructed with 2 types of bristles. Soft PVC feather tip sweeps fine dust and Polypro moves medium dirt.
  • Heavy-Duty Broom Head with long-wearing natural palmyra bristles. Works well on wet or dry floors.
  • Wood Handle with metal threads for added durability.
  • Metal Handle is painted black with metal threads.
  • Upright Angle Broom features Polypro fibers with flagged tip and includes the handle.

O-Cedar® Brooms

  • Stock
    Description Quantity
    Per Case
      18" Light-Duty Broom Head 6
      24" Light-Duty Broom Head 6
      36" Light-Duty Broom Head 4
      18" Medium-Duty Broom Head 6
      24" Medium-Duty Broom Head 6
      24" Heavy-Duty Broom Head 6
      60" Wood Handle 12
      60" Metal Handle 12
      11" Angle Broom 6